EEB 5895: Symbiosis seminar

Symbiosis seminar fall 2023

Instructors: Janine Caira and the other person

The concept of the seminar is to learn about the natural history of symbiotic associations that are the foci of biologists at UCONN, and to learn about the patterns of specificity and ultimately engage in discussion on how specificity can be assessed and quantified.

The seminar is held in BioPharm 303 at 12PM (to 12.50PM).

Should ever be prevented from joining in person, let Bernard know, and this zoom session will be opened.

Tentative calendar of topics/presentations

Sept. 11 Bernard Mycorrhizae
Sept. 18 Janine Tapeworms and their elasmobranch hosts
Sept. 25 Louise Red-green algae and their symbioses.
Oct. 2 Kat host-microbe interactions with a focus on gut microbiomes
Oct. 9 Brandon phytoplankton-bacteria interactions
Oct. 16 Erin Granivory by insects”
Oct. 23  Zach Lichen: it’s a lifestyle
Oct. 30 Vidya
Nov. 6 Brenden & Noah
Nov. 13 Kara and Veronica