EEB’s plant lunch schedule

Every Friday during the academic years, plant aficionados from EEB gathering in person for informal discussion on diverse aspects of plant biology. We meet at 12.20 PM and for ± one hour. .

We are inviting speakers from within EEB, UCONN and across the continent to share a 15 minutes talk and participate in a Q&A session.

If you would like to be on the mailing list e-mail Bernard Goffinet

Fall 2023

Sept. 1
Sept. 8
Kristel Schoonderwoerd (Pam’s lab) “Interspecific variation in the resting bud morphologies of Juglandaceae – a winter’s tale?”
Sept. 15
Louise and Paul Lewis: Botanizing in the southwestern USA: algae to angiosperms
Sept. 22 Bernard: bryophyte phylogenomics and genome evolution
Sept. 29 Samuel (Sam) Bring (UConn RaMP) “Beyond the Light: Differential gene expression of odorant receptors in the common Eastern firefly”
Oct. 6 Edwige Moyroud (University of Cambridge) Host Yaowu.
Oct. 13 Pam Diggle: Plant Evo-Devo: An Organismal Perspective
Oct. 20
Oct. 27 Sebastian S. Cocioba. Host: Yaowu.
Nov. 3
Nov. 10
Nov. 17
Dec. 1 Min Ya: update on my research
Dec. 8